How do I change the DNS settings so that my site will work with my new account?

It is a little different for each registrar (the company that registered your domain name). If you purchased a domain name from Above Media, you do not need to do anything. There are many companies that register domain names. Some of them include Network Solutions (, (, Dotster (, and Go Daddy ( You probably received an email from them that contains the username and password for your account. Please locate this information and go to their web site. Once you have logged into your account for your registrar, you need to change the DNS servers, which will respond for this domain. Once you locate the area where you can change the DNS servers, delete the existing servers and add the following:


If you are using AboveMLS, use the following name servers:


Submit your changes and follow any additional instructions that may be required. Some registrars require you to access your email to confirm the changes. After 24-36 hours your domain name will be useable by the public.

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